Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remotely Rename Computer Name (Netdom.exe)

For our users computers, we have the computer name in this format: room#-lastname (for ex - 2E11-Smith). This is nice b/c we can easily point out a users machine. However, it can be pretty labor intensive when a new employee starts and the computer name doesnt get renamed. If you forget, you'll have a long list of computer names to fix up. I needed a way to remotely fix up the computer names from my machine. I use netdom.exe.

Here is a sample command:

netdom renamecomputer 2E11-Smith /NewName:2E11-Rogers /UserD User /PasswordD MyPassword /Force

Use netdom /? or netdom renamecomputer /? for more parameters.

Next time the user restarts their computer, it will reflect on their machine, DNS, and AD.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

ESXi on a Lenovo 3269

Today I tried loading ESXi on a Lenovo 3269 desktop. It surprisingly worked as the previous model (3245) did not. Merely a rambling for a first post.