Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Installing Software From a DVD on a vSphere VM

This was a little different scenario than usual. I had a dual-layer DVD, 7.5GB's worth of software that I needed to install on a vSphere VM (server). The software wouldn't allow install through a remote desktop connection. The second approach I took was to create a folder on the VM desktop and copy the files over. That didn't work because I was getting "file name too long" error's, so the copy would not fully complete. What I ended up doing was using ImgBurn to create an .iso of the DVD, then I uploaded the .iso to the desired datastore in vSphere, attached the iso to the cd/dvd drive of the VM, then done deal! A little extra work, but it got the job done.

*Edit* - It was brought to my attention of a much easier way to do this Go to the Properties of the VM, CD/DVD Drive, then (o) Client Device

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