Thursday, November 29, 2012

Multiple Users Accessing SCCM 2012 Console

My SCCM 2012 server is running on a Server 2008 R2. That means only 2 users can be actively logged/remoted in at the same time. In my situation I needed to give our helpdesk access to use the SCCM Console and it starts to get messy with who can be logged into the server actively. An easy way to get around this is Microsoft now includes an .exe of the SCCM 2012 Console that can be installed on other machines.

-You can find this on the .iso here: \SMSSETUP\BIN\I386\ConsoleSetup.exe
-Alternatively you can search for ConsoleSetup.exe on your SCCM server and it will reside somewhere in the ConfigMgr directory.

If you have many machines to install the Console on, Microsoft provides the following command line switches for automation:
  •  /q – runs in quiet/silent mode. 
  • /uninstall – removes the console. Example: consolesetup.exe/uninstall /q 
  • LangPackDir – use this switch if installing the console for a different language than the default.
  • TargetDir – where to install the console, otherwise it uses the default. Example: TargetDir=D:\CfgMgr
  • EnableSQM – enables the Customer Experience Improvement Program option for the console, i.e., collects usage data for improving the product/application. 1 = enable, 0 = disable. Example: EnableSQM=0
  • DefaultSiteServerName – FQDN of SCCM server Example:
*Don't forget to lock down those users using the Security Roles in the SCCM Administration. Allow only what you want them to be able to do.

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